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Buying a property can be the biggest decision made in our lifetime. It is for this very reason that impartial advice is critical from competent and qualified advisers. All advisers at Money Sage have the required qualifications but more important have the understanding and empathy to really understand your situation.

Buying a house and applying for a mortgage can be stressful, with Money Sage you can be sure that we will try and remove as much of this stress as is humanly possible.

Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage, purchase a second home or even looking to build a portfolio of properties for rent, this is where our advisers excel.

Be reassured that at Money Sage our aim is to offer impartial mortgage advice appropriate to any individual circumstance.


First Time Buyer

Age: Until recently usually under 30, but more recently in and around the 30 mark.
About: Typically still living at home, although a few renting. Many seeking help from the ‘Bank of Mum & Dad’ or lately government schemes like ‘Help to Buy’ (you’ll see the logo on a lot of financial/property sites) as they don’t have a lot by way…

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Age: 35+
About: Anyone with money to invest. As interest rates have been so low, people are looking for a better return and property is seen as a safe haven even though prices go down as well as up. Rents have been strong and so with cheap mortgages…

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Age: 20+
Type: Anyone with an existing mortgage. Loads of clients don’t think to ask for a better rate and even when they do, they may not get the best deal available for them. Lenders are happy to prise custom away from other lenders and so there is a very…

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Age: 20+
About: All the self employed. Lenders treat the self employed like pariahs, unfairly in my view, asking for proof in come for 3 years when as an employed person its just 3 months! Knowing how to put a case together is crucial as lenders treat sole…

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Age: 30+
About: Usually quite wealthy, city workers with bonuses, self employed etc. A large mortgage is a big risk to a lender and so more careful scrutiny is need by the lenders underwriter. Putting the application together so that its underwritten and agreed…

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Age: 30 all the way to 60+
About: As people either upsize or downsize, move because of jobs, personal circumstances, divorce etc advice is needed on what is affordable and possible (expectations can be different). Although they have some experience having already owned…

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